Happy Halloween!

I have found yet another cool point to having chickens in the house. With two small kids, a just as messy husband and four pumpkins to crave my kitchen floor looked like a pumpkin had been murdered. I looked at all the wet and sticky seeds and strings and thought sweeping this up is going to suck. Then "BING" and light went off in my head. Let out the chickens! I opened their condo door and they went crazy. I didn't even have to sweep until the next morning. I did have to pick up three piles of chicken doodles but that is easier then sweeping up pumpkin guts. They didn't eat the big seeds but they dried out over night and were easily swept up. I read somewhere that pumpkin seeds are a natural de-wormer for chickens. I also took some pumpkin guts, seeds and flesh and put it the fridge. I will be grinding it up and freeze it for the chickens as treats during the rainy winter days where they are stuck in the house for a few days. Maybe next year I'll dress as a farmer and go to my kid's school with a chicken on my shoulder. Now that would be a hoot.

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