Our Little New Comer

Well, I've done it to myself again. If there is an animal in need and I just can't say no. One of Megan's friends Mother's called me on Sunday in hopes I would know how and be able to take care of a little duckling. It was caught by accident by a fishermen. He looked all up and down the Slough looking for the Mama before he brought it back to the docks. I got to pick it up from school this morning. It is so cute. It's is about the size of a fluffy golf ball. I got out my old fish tank and but bedding in it. The water bowl has the marbles in it so the duckling will not it too wet. I can't feed it the chicken's food so I grounded up some salad greens and put it in a bowl and grounded cracked corn in another bowl. I also put some mealworm in there for it. I am hoping to find someone to take this little guy. I'm not ready to raise a duckling and three chickens. I'll let you know what's going on in a few days.