Recap on November

Big Sighs. It's over. It's finally over. What a month! Everyone is fine now. Both human and chicken. Darby took about three weeks to recover from what ever it was she had. She laid two eggs this last week. She also is flying out of the condo to watch me on the computer. I guess I'll never know what was really wrong with her. Some people said that she was just broody and I didn't know how to tell if she was or wasn't. But Crystal did go broody about week two of Darby getting sick and I could totally tell the difference. Crystal won't leave the outside nesting box all day. She would just sit in there all puffed up and she felt very hot. When I'd pick her up to bring her inside for bedtime she'd very sweetly growl at me. Once she got out of my hands and run as fast as she could back to the nest box. Once inside for the night she'd act totally normal. I broke her from her broodiness by keeping her inside for a few days. She has not laid an egg for almost three weeks.
As for human we are all doing a bit better. My feet are starting to feel better now that I have better arch supports. Steve's feet are still killing him but he refuses to wear supports. Being heavy truly sucks. Megan got over the flu but is still wrestling with her anxiety stomach issues. Every night before bed she says she needs to throw up. Three out of five times she does. She doesn't know why and her doctor, dad and I are clueless too. She gets very upset with herself if she does throw up. She tries to relax doing yoga posses and visualization but sometimes it doesn't help. She goes in phases. Months of being fine then weeks anxiety. Emily is asserting her independence and getting into trouble. She is completely in love with books and loves going to the library. I'm blessed to have really smart children. It won't be long and I'll be having trouble helping them with homework. Ugh!
I can't believe I still haven't started work on the chicken's indoor nesting box. I'm so bad. And they really need it now because it's just too cold to go outside these days. But in my defence I am a busy mom. The pieces are finally cut and Steve will be bringing them home this weekend. I'd like to get it done by Christmas but a more practical goal would be the middle of January. It's going to be hard not to got dive right in to making it but I have a few other projects to finish first. A mom's work is never done. Sighs.