The road to recovery

Well it's been a long couple of days but Darby is on the road to recovery. Although she is not back to her normal wild child self. I wish if she could only tell me what she is feeling. I was not able to take her to her recheck appointment. I just didn't have the extra money. My PGE bill will not be getting paid this paycheck. I just hope it doesn't get shut off.

I have started to put her back outside with Crystal and Honey during the day. I can only hope it will pull her out of what I can only describe as chicken depression. Gosh! I hope Darby doesn't have the feathered version of Bipolar Disorder. The pain medicine seems to have helped get her through the worst of whatever she has. She has been off the medicine for a few days now.

She takes naps in the day which I don't remember her ever doing before. She doesn't fly out of the indoor condo anymore. I miss her company when I'm at the computer. She used to fly out of the condo and perch there to watch me type. She doesn't call out and "hen crow" when Crystal and Honey lay their eggs which she used to do so loudly I could hear her down the street. And she herself has not laid an egg in almost two weeks. But she is a fighter and seems like death is no longer knocking at her door. I guess only time will tell. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for you support.

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