Honey Is Sick

She can't stand and she is not pooping. I just don't know what to do. I hope this well help maybe someone will have an idea.

Sighs- Update for Dec., Jan. and Feb.

OK OK OK I apologize. I have been terrible at keeping this blog current. I like to post with pictures but once again my computer is giving me grief. I will get some new pictures soon.
My girls have been inside now since Thanksgiving. It's just too cold and wet out in the backyard. I not sure if I did pay attention last year or if this year is different but the ground is like walking on a sponge. I can barley get to my shed where I keep their run when not in use. I was able to get them outside for a week in January during a freak warm still. We had days with almost 85 degrees. Then poof back to cold and rain.
But don't feel too bad for my Chickie girls. They have been running around the house in there new diapers. Honey and Crystal don't mind theirs at all. Darby doesn't like hers. I'm not sure I it doesn't fit right or what. We have had a weird molting too. They stop laying. Then they drop a few feathers. Then they start laying again. Then they start it all over it again.
I know I talked about getting their deluxe nesting box finished before the end of January but money and time has been tight. I as of the first week of March have the building all done. Now I have moved into the decorating side of it. I'm making it look like a country cottage. I have finished the fish scale shingle roof and now I'm working of what color to paint it. I'll get pictures out I promise. Finding time to work on it has been hard. I have been volunteering a lot at my kid's schools and the time I get to myself I'm doing laundry or dishes. Sighs. I well do my best to get the next post out in the next week. :)