New Pictures of Our Girls


My beautiful big girl. Honey is a very brave girl. She'll be the first one to investigate something new. Honey is a smart girl and it shows by how she approaches every situation. She is also the only one that is trust worthy. She is the only one that I let walk by herself at night into the house. I still carry the other two girls. Honey's eggs are gorgeous brown ones. They are not quite as big as the large eggs you buy at the store. Honey is my lap chicken. She'll sit with me and watch TV at night after everybody has gone to bed. But I have to watch out sometimes because she has a bad habit of trying to peck at my eyes. What a naughty girl but I love my Honey girl.

It's official Crystal is a girl. She layed her first egg a few weeks ago. They are small little things with a light brown shell. I use one Crystal egg and one Darby egg to make a "large" egg. Crystal is true to the silkie nature. She is sweet, gentle, and oh so cute. She uses that cuteness to get what she wants too. Darby and Honey take really good care of Crystal. If there are treats to be had they always make room so she can get her share. The only treat that this does not apply is for mealworms. For those treats I put Crystal up on the top of the indoor condo and hand fed her the mealworms. Megan loves to hold Crystal and she calls her "My sweetie". Megan also loves that Crystal has bright blue "earrings".
Being able to lay eggs has really changed this once skittish and scared little chicken. Now she enjoys a bit of cuddling and a good shoulder to sit on. I also trimmed away a few feathers around her eyes so she can see better now and I think that helped too. I have to keep Darby's nails trimed too or they look like the belong to a T-Rex. When she or the others lay an egg Darby will let the whole neighborhood know. Yet still both my neighbors say the don't hear her. Good for us I guess. Emily can't hold her like I was hoping she'd be able to do but Emily doesn't seem to mind. I love Darby's quirky attitude and even though she "belongs" to Emily, she is my buddy.


Candace said...

Wow, Darby is gorgeous!

Matt said...

i am thinking about getting 3 hesn for my basement. Can you tell me how it is going having chickens inside and what are the biggets challenges? My neighbor rallied against my variance request to have 3 backyard hens.